Surf Camp Hawaii – Frequently Asked Questions
What is the camps history?Why havent we gotten a phone call from Hawaii Surf Camp?

What are the camp accommodations like?

What if my camper is already at camp and wants to stay longer?

What do previous campers say?

Hows the food?

Are parents responsible for
booking flights?

How much spending money
should I send with my camper?

What is the Camp Bank?

What is the payment and refund policy?

Where will I find the most updated information or program changes?

What address do I use to send mail to my child while she/he is at camp?

What phone number do I call to reach my child while at camp?

Is this an accredited camp?

Whats the Mission Statement?

What is the camps history?
Surf Camp Hawaii is part of the Camp Timberline division of Kamaaina Kids, Hawaiis premier youth and child care provider. See our video

Founded in 1987 as a single summer program for 45 children, Kamaaina Kids, a private nonprofit company, now serves over 30,000 children and families, making it one of the largest youth and childcare service providers in Hawaii.

Camp Timberline has been a part of the Kamaaina Kids family since 1994. In addition to Surf Camp Hawaii, Camp Timberline is also a Retreat Center and offers Environmental Education Programs.menu

Why havent we gotten a phone call from Surf Camp Hawaii?
No sales calls! Even though wed like your camper to join us for their summer camp experience, we feel picking a summer camp program is a family decision. Please call or email us if you have any questions. Our toll-free number is 1-888 345-4374or
email us

What are the camp accommodations like?
Campers will sleep in 4-6 person dome tents with 3-4 other campers at one of three safe and secure campsites; Camp Timberline (in mountains), This gated camp brings campers close to nature, and although the accommodations are simple, the beauty of a Hawaiian sunrise and sunset combined with fresh ocean or mountain air makes our camps an unforgettable experience. The camp facility is clean and offers all the necessary amenities. Our camp size is small, 15 to 30 campers per session, which makes the camp community just like a big family.

What if my camper is attending camp and decides she/he wants to stay longer?
Just call our office and add sessions (space permitting). In most cases we suggest attending at least 2 weeks of camp. We encourage multiple sessions of surf camp to have sufficient time to get better at surfing and to have more of an opportunity to see and experience all that Hawaii has to offer. Each session is filled with many different activities, so they are not doing the same activities each week.

What do previous campers say?
“Are we going to surf again this summer? That’s the best part of summer. I could out stay out there and surf all day, every day!” – Jonathan Matsumoto, 15

It was my first time surfing, a really cool experience. It was really cool how I got to surf and all the people helping me. I got to meet kids who live (in Hawaii) and they helped me. Brian Juranas, 13, North Carolina, Hawaii Surf Camp 2003

Brian really enjoyed it. (The staff) met us at the airport and were great getting Brian together. Brian seemed to really, really enjoy it. The counselors seemed excited and were good about talking to the kids and getting them to open up. Kathy Juranas, North Carolina, Brians mommenu

Hows the food?
Our full-time kitchen staff has many years of cooking experience. They prepare three fresh meals daily to satisfy every camper. Our menu is designed to appeal to campers taste buds and to parents’ expectations that meals will be nutritionally excellent.

We do need to know about campers requiring “special meals” (vegetarian, meatless, or kosher) at least 4 weeks before attending camp, as our food order is placed 3 weeks before camp starts. After this time were not able to accommodate special diets. menu

Are parents responsible for booking flights?
Yes! Airfare is NOT included in the camp tuition. We receive campers from around the world, making it impossible to include airfare. When booking, try to book direct flights into Honolulu. Have your travel agent book a flight that arrives between 9am-5pm on the first day of camp, usually a Saturday.

Because Hawaii is a popular tourist destination year round for all types of travelers, we highly suggest you book your campers flight as soon as possible! Last year some campers were forced to cancel when they discovered no more seats were available on Honolulu-bound flights.

Most flights arrive in Honolulu between 9 am and 5pm. Once your camper is signed up for camp we will send you a Camper Travel Information Form so that your camper is met in the baggage claim area.

If you are flying from San Francisco or Los Angeles to Honolulu we suggest the following airlines for the cheapest rates:
Sun Trips at (800) 357-2400,
Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays at (800) 488-3333
City Travel (808) 593-8808 for round-trip airfare (we have NO affiliation with Sun Trips, Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays or City Travel but have found them to be very reasonable).

Other airlines that fly direct to Honolulu are:

Please be aware that some parents have experienced trouble with Continental Airlines unaccompanied minors policy.menu

How much spending money should I send with my camper?
The amount of spending money is really up to you, the parent. We suggest $100 per week at camp. The campers will have lots of opportunities to shop in Oahu, for example, in historic Old Town Haleiwa, at the famous Aloha Flee Market and the International Market Place in Waikiki. Everyone wants to bring back souvenirs and purchase gifts for friends and family!

Should your camper run out of money, you may send more via Express Mail at the post office. Federal Express will NOT deliver to a P.O. Box and the campground does not have a physical address. Western Union can be sent as well. We also suggest that you NOT send cash with your camper. We suggest providing spending money in the form of travelers checks, preferably in $20 denominations. Campers must have I.D. at all times.

If your child choose to carry large amounts of cash on their own, we cannot be responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen valuable.


What is the Camp Bank?
The camp bank is for the safety and convenience of ALL campers. Parents not wishing to send spending money with their camper can send the money directly to the camp office before Surf Camp starts.

When we receive your camper’s money we open an account at the camp bank for that camper. When a camper needs or wants spending money, they contact the camp director and the camper can withdraw any amount and they initial their withdrawals from their camp bank account. They can withdraw up to the amount that they have in their account. If your child choose to carry large amounts of cash on their own, we cannot be responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen valuable

Why do we offer this service? In the past, campers have lost, misplaced or had their spending money stolen. The camp bank minimizes the chance of these situations happening and ensures the safety of their spending money.. menu

What is the payment and refund policy?
The total cost for one session of Surf Camp Hawaii is $995. A non-refundable 50% deposit per camper is required upon registration to complete your camp registration and secure a spot for your teen in the session you identify. Final payment is due in full by June 1st.

If you decide not to attend camp, you will forfeit your 50% non-refundable deposit.
Once your camper has arrived at camp, there will be NO REFUND of camp tuition.
These policies are not meant to create a hardship for you, but are necessary to pay for costs that have already been incurred. By then the appropriate staff, facility, food, supplies and outside camp activities have been purchased and this accounts for 95% of your camper’s tuition.

Campers dismissed or removed from the camp for any reason will receive no refunds. Parents are responsible for any costs incurred to send a camper home early.

Where will I find the most updated information or program changes?
Our web site always has the latest information for campers and parents. Our web address iswww.surfcamphawaii.com. Once registered, a parent packet will be mailed to you confirming yout teen’s registration in their surf session(s) of choice. However, all information in the Parent Packet is available on this web site.

Printed materials are expensive, and the U.S. Postal Service is slow. The internet allows us to get information to our campers and their parents as soon as its available. You may wish to check our site periodically for future.menu

What address do I use to send my child mail while at camp?
Surf Camp Hawaii
c/o Camp Timberline
Camper’s Name
P.O. Box 700308
Kapolei, HI 96709

What phone number do I call to reach my child while at camp?
The camp phone number during camp is: (808) 672-5441 or 1-877-672-4386.

What happens to the information we submit on our application?
All information provided in your application is for the exclusive use of Camp Timberline. At NO TIME will the information be given, shared or sold to anyone. If after your camper has attended camp and you wish to be placed on our Camper Referral Listing please notify our office. We welcome anyone wishing to tell future campers about their great experience at camp.. menu

Yes, our camp is accredited!
Camp Timberline is proud to be an accredited member of the American Camping Association (ACA). Our membership number is 12853. We exceed the more than 240 stringent standards in the categories of health, safety, staffing, training, programming and transportation. You may call the ACA for a reference toll-free at 1-800-428-2267.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call at anytime Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm HST. Or email us and a representative will return your call as soon as possible.menu

What is Surf Camp Hawaiis Mission Statement?
“Our mission is to serve children and their families by providing ongoing quality education and enrichment programs to help build a childs sense of self, community and environment.”

Thank You (Mahalo)
We cant wait to meet your son or daughter in Oahu this summer!
Mahalo Nui Loa–Thank you very much!